The Football Buddy Home page displays some useful information about the version of the App that you're using and the number of Results and Fixtures that are loaded. This information should be provided if you need to report a problem with Football Buddy.



Tapping on the Fixtures icon at the bottom of the screen will allow you to navigate to the Fixtures for the current/up-coming season. Select the Nation first, then the Division, and the fixtures for that will then be displayed. You can navigate back a level by tapping the back button on the top left corner of the screen.

Once you have navigated to the fixture list, you can tap on any match to display details on that specific game. See the Match Detail section below for a guide to that information.

The functionality within the iPad and iPhone versions are the same, however the iPad version makes use of the extra screen size by positioning the fixture selection on the left hand pane, and then shows the detail match information on the right.

fixture1 Fixtyure2 Fixture3
The above images are from the iPhone version.

The above image is from the iPad version.


Tapping on the Results icon at the bottom of the screen will display the Search screen.

There are three elements to this screen; the search filter criteria, the "Search on Above Criteria" button, and the "Show Results for Current Season" button.

iPhoneResults iPad2
iPhone version. iPad version.

To define the search criteria, set the filters for any combination of Season, Division, and Fixture teams. When you define one search criteria, the remaining filters will only show data that is relevant to that filter. For example, if you select La Liga as the Division, then only Spanish teams that have played in La Liga will be available for selection as the Home or Away Teams.

The "Allow Home/Away Teams reversed" toggle will return results with the Home and Away teams swapped, in addition to the specific search criteria. For example, if you select Celtic as the Home team and Rangers as the Away team with this option toggled on, the results returned will show Rangers V Celtic, as well as Celtic V Rangers.

Tapping the "Search on Above Criteria" will then execute the search based on the chosen search filters. At least one search filter is required before the search will run.

Tapping the "Show Results for Current Season" button provides a quick method of showing results for the current season, for each Division.

Tapping the "Clear" option at the top right of the screen will clear the selected search filters.

Match Detail

When you tap on a Fixture or a Result from the Fixtures list or a Results List, the Match detail information is displayed. Broadly speaking, the information displayed is the same for a result and a fixture, though clearly there is no score for a fixture.

iPHoneDetail1 iPhoneDetail2
The above images are from the iPhone version. Sliding your fingers to the left over the Match Rating section at the bottom of the screen will display the League Table snapshot as per the second image.

The above image is a result from the iPad version.

Although the layout is different, the information displayed on the iPhone and iPad versions is identical.

There is a Help screen available for this page - just tap "Help" at the top right corner of the screen.

Each team is represented visually by a unique stylised "football" created from the team colours. This provides a visual aid when scanning down results and fixtures lists.

Tapping either of the team names will display detailed information about that team.

There are up to 5 coloured spheres to the top left of the team name. These are a visual guide on the recent performance of the team; green means win, amber means draw, and red means loss. If you tap these spheres, the underlying games will be displayed.

There is an amber box to the top right of each team name with a number inside. This is the League Table position of that team. If the Match detail is a Fixture, then this is the league position within the current season, and the current moment in time. If the Detail reflects a result, then the league position reflects the date of that match. Tapping this box will display the full league table.

The 5 coloured boxes beside the "V" between the team names, shows the recent history of results for the last identical fixtures. A green "H" means home-win, an amber "D" means a draw, and a red "A" means an away win. Like the coloured spheres, tapping on these boxes will display the underlying matches.

The orange box at the bottom of the screen contains key league table statistics for each of the teams. Alternatively, tap the League position of either team to see the full league table.

For every fixture and result in its database, Football Buddy calculates the "Match Rating" for that game. The Match Rating is an indicator on the likely outcome based on recent form - positive values means a tendency toward a home-win, and a negative number suggests a stronger likelihood of an away-win. Beside the Match Rating, there are three boxes that show the probability of the outcome being a home-win, draw or away-win based on the previous games with the same "Match Rating" within that league division.

The Match Rating is calculated from the last 5 matches of each team as follows;
((Goals Scored by Home Team) - (Goals conceded by Home Team)) - ((Goals Scored by Away Team) - (Goals conceded by Away Team))

Team Detail

When you tap on a team name from a Fixture or a Result, the Team Detail is displayed. Similarly, you can select your favourite team on the Config page, and the team detail for your team will always be available with one tap on the "My Team" link at the bottom of the screen.

iPhoneDetail1 iPhoneDetail2
The above images are from the iPhone version.

The above image is a result from the iPad version.

Similar to the Match Detail screens, the Team Detail also provides 5 spheres to the top left of the team name, indicating the recent performance of the team. Green means win, amber means draw, and red means loss. If you tap these spheres, the underlying games will be displayed.

The amber box to the top right of the team name displays the league table position. If the team detail was displayed from a result, it will show the league table position at that point in time. If it's for a fixture or for your favourite team, then it shows the league position at the current point in time. Tapping the box will display the full league table.

Below the team name, there is a selection bar with three options; " This Season", "Full Results", and "About".

The "This Season" option displays a snapshot of the league table at this point in time. It also provides two buttons which will display the Results for this team in the current season, and the Fixtures for only this team.

The "Full Results" option provides a link to all the seasons where the current team has stored results.

The "About" tab has information on the team, such as the address and the stadium size. And there is a map with the team's stadium pinpointed.


Tapping on the Config button at the bottom of the screen will display configuration and help options.

iPhoneConfig1 iPadConfig1
iPhoneConfig1 iPadConfig1

Tapping the "My Team" selection box will display a full list of teams within the Football Buddy database. Selecting a team from this option will display it on the "My Team" page.

The Prediction Configuration cells allow you to create and amend your Prediction Models.
The model that is displayed is the one that is used by default to generate the result predictions. If they are displayed, the two percentages show; the success of the selected model at predicting an accurate result (i.e. a Win/Lose/Draw result), and the success of the model for predicting the actual scoreline.
Tap on the "Select a Division to Predict Scores" cell to apply the prediction model to a division, or group of divisions. The prediction will happen automatically. Dependent on the complexity of the prediction model and the number of divisions, the prediction analysis could take some time to perform.
Predictions are only performed for Fixtures - not results. So if you decide to delete your predictions, beware that if you choose to delete all predictions, those already performed against results cannot be re-done.

Tapping the "Display Help Screen" option will display help information for using the app.

If you find a bug, or a problem with the data within Football Buddy, tap the "Report a Problem" option and complete the form that's presented. This will send an email to the Football Buddy Support team.

If you toggle on the "Load Results on Launch", the app will automatically connect to the Football Buddy servers when the app is launched, and will download any available updates to the results or fixtures data. Typically, updates will be available on a weekly basis.

You can check whether there are data updates available at any time by tapping the "Update Results Now" button.