Q: The "Update Results Now" progress bar seems to have stuck during an update and is not progressing. What should I do?


If there are a large number of updates needed to the data within the Football Buddy App, the App might take a long time to install these updates so the progress bar may appear to stop, or may progress very slowly. This is most likely to happen at the start or end of a season, or if we introduce a new Nation/League into the dataset. If this happens, the most practical solution is to check the App Store for a new version of the App - when you install this, you will automatically install the new data set and will not need to perform the large download.


Q: No Fixtures appear in the Fixtures tab.


At the end of a season, there will be a period of time when there are no remaining fixtures in the current season, and the fixtures for the following season have not been arranged. During this time, the fixtures tab will not show any pending fixtures.


Q: When I try and modify a Search Results filter, there appears to be missing data. For example, I cannot see the team that I'm looking for within the "Select Home Team" filter.


Each Filter will only provide a shortlist of options based on previously selected search criteria. For example, if you select "La Liga" as a Search filter on the Division, only Spanish teams will appear in the shortlist of candidates within the "Select Home Team", and "Select Away Team" filters. Similarly, if you select a Home Team first, then only the teams that it has played against will appear in the "Away Team" search critieria. Click on the "Clear" option at the top right hand of the page to clear previously selected search criteria.


Q: Why do the league tables not take any penalty points into account?


Each League table is calculated "on demand" by the app, based on the results leading up to that point in time. It does not take any penalties that may have been imposed by the governing league body.


Q: Why is each team represented by a colourful "football"?


Each team's logo is copyrighted and we are not allowed to reproduce it within Football Buddy. So, we have created a sylized football based on the team colours to represent each team. This allows you to scan down the lists of results and fixtures and to pick out teams using these "footballs".


Q: I've found a bug within the App, or a problem with the data. What should I do?


Please tell us about it! Either email us using the link below, or use the "Report a Problem" option within the Config page of the App. If you email us, be sure to tell us which version of the App that you're using, and the nature of the problem. Thanks.


Q: I've got a great idea for an enhancement to Football Buddy! What should I do?


Again - please tell us about it using the link below, or using the "Report a Problem" functionality within the App! Thanks.


Contact Info

If you have a problem with Football Buddy and need to contact us, please use the "Report a Problem" functionality within the App, or email us. We are a small team here at Football Buddy, but we take your comments seriously and will attempt to get back to you as soon as possible. Thanks.